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16dBi GSM 3G 4G LTE Booster Signal 3m Cable TS9 External Antenna 10dBi ZTE

16dBi GSM 3G 4G LTE Booster Signal 3m Cable TS9 External Antenna 10dBi ZTE

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SKU: 0715 LTE10-TS9 M1
Weight: 200 grams
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3G or 4G Internet connection relies on clear transmission of very low power radio signals. If a signal is weak, transfer speeds / bandwidth will become poor then you will need the External Antenna to improve signal and transfer speed. An antenna is a passive 2-way device used to increase the signal strength received and transmitted by a mobile phone or wireless modem. Passive means that it requires no power to operate, it needs only to be positioned and connected to the device to improve its performance. There are many different kinds of antennas and they are rated in dBi; Antenna selection largely comes down to the application and signal strength. Select an antenna type that is suitable for your application and then select a model with suitable or enough gain to achieve the signal improvement required.
As a general rule, outsdoor and higher place are good places to start when installing an antenna but also have to take in consider factors of convenience and ease of installation.

Lots of factors can affect the performance of the antenna, such as:

1. Network coverage of celcom,DiGi,Maxis (check the network coverage map from respective web sites) which in the real world is not uniform, it is patchy and can fluctuate,

2. How far away from the transmitter tower or repeater you are located,

3. Obstructions such as buildings, hills, metallic objects blocking or interfering with the other device signal such as microwave.

4. Whether it is used indoors or outdoors,

5. Extensions cables can reduce the gain of the antenna,

6. The construction of the building (brick, cement, stone buildings, steel structure will reduce signal strength); Other factors.

LTE / 4G networks use MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology.

4G uses a technology called MIMO "Multiple In Multiple Out" where your modem uses two separate antennas at once to deliver super-fast speeds. The modem has two internal antennas each responsible for receiving one stream of data, it is absolutely crucial we have two separate external antennas. We cannot use a 'Y' patch lead or some other trick to connect both ports of the modem into one antenna, nor can we connect both external antennas into one port. It is important to know MIMO is switched on and off by the modem. The decision whether to use MIMO is negotiated with the cell tower, whereby the quality of the received and transmitted signals are assessed (a metric known as CQI). When signal strength or quality is low it's difficult for the modem to distinguish between the two data streams, so when signal levels drop below a certain threshold level, MIMO is switched off and the modem operates with only one antenna (Port 1 on Sierra Wireless modems).

For modem that have 2 antenna port, dual external antenna are recommened for best performance.! 

Question: Why same outlook antenna have more than 10 dbi gain such as 15, 16 dbi version?

Answer: Manufacturer claim that no one can design such high gain in that compact size. Either wrong information or the antenna gain is over rated.


 External Antenna for 4G,3G routers Modems 


Electrical Specifications

Frequency Range(MHz) 698~960 1710~2690
Polarization Linear
Antenna Gain 10dBi  
Cable length 3 meter full copper RG174 (Indoor / Outdoor)
VSWR 1.5
Maximum input power(W) 10



Mechanical Specifications    
Connector TS-9
Connector Position Bottom
Dimesion(mm) 168*82.5*48.5
Weight(kg) 0.18kg
Radome Material Plastic
IP Grade IP65
Radome Color White
Operating Temperature(°C) -30°C~60°C
Humidity 5~95% 

TS9 connector compatible list


  • Sierra Wireless - 305, 306, 307, 308, 309, 313U, 320U, 330U, 885, 597,598, 888, 889,
  • Sierra - Apex 880, AirCard 312U, 402, 501, 502, 754S,
  • Novatel Wireless - MC727, MC760, U727, U760, USB727, USB760
  • ZTE - MF60, MF61, MF70, MF80, MF91, MF91D, MF93D, MF93E
  • ZTE- MF633+, MF633BP+, MF645, MF668, MF668+, MF680 , MF821, MF821D, MF823, MF825
  • Huawei - E392, E398, E589, E586e, E587, E5332, E5756, K5005(Vodafone), K5006
  • Vodafone - K5005,K5006Z,K5007,K5008,K5150, R210,R212,K4605,K4505,R206,K5251
  • Other devices or newer model using TS9 connector
  • 1 x Antenna
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  • 14 Days against manufacturer defect
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