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      4ch 24/12V wireless RF Learning remote control auto gate lighting door access alarm
      • Working Voltage Option: 12V DC +-10% / 24V DC  +-10% 
      • Standby power consumption : 2mA
      • Working Temperature: -10C to +60C
      • Frequency: 315Mhz
      • Receiver sensitivity: -105dB
      • Relay max load: 10A@ 250VAC or 30VDC
      • Relay Connection NC/NO
      • New upgrade: support All ON/All Off with single button!
      • 1 Remote Receiver Maximum support 4 unit remote control transmitter (Type A / Type B / Type C / Type D)
      • If you want to use our product with your own Remote control Transmitter / Receiver, it may not compatible and take your own risk if you have compatibility problem.
      • We strictly recommend our customer to purchase transmitter and Receiver from us only to ensure no compatibility issue. 
      • 4 types of remote transmitter in this product page has it's own fixed code [random pre-assigned by factory) and no duplication/learning  function, This transmitter will NOT learning code from your existing remote transmitter. 

      Remote control Receiver unit 3 Working Mode:

      • With Jumper inserted into pin 3,4 @JP1 (Mode 1)
        • When remote control pressed, relay will trigger and hold. Relay only will be release if you press remote control button again. 1st button control relay 1, 2nd button control relay 2 until button 4.
        • Mostly used for lighting control, fan etc.
      • With Jumper inserted into pin 1,2 @JP1 (Mode 2)
        • When remote control pressed, relay will trigger then release itself.
        • Mostly used for auto gate, card access/access control, alarm, roller shutter
      • With 1 Jumper inserted into pin 1,2 and another jumper inserted in pin 3,4@JP1 (Mode 3)
        • 1st & 2nd button will working at mode 2
        • 3rd & 4th button will working at mode 1
      • With No Jumper inserted into pin 1,2 and No jumper inserted in pin 3,4@JP1 (Mode 4 Interlock)
        • When you press Button A will trigger relay 1, After that if you press Button B will Trigger Relay 2 and  Release Relay 1.

      Remote control Receiver unit learning Mode :

      • Clear all saved remote control before add your 1st remote control
        • Press & hold S1 until L.E.D Blinking and release 
      • Press onboard push button S1 once and L.E.D will on, push button 1 (any button-depends on your preferred sequence) on your remote control  and L.E.D should blink twice. Continue by 2nd until 4th button. L.E.D. should blink for 5 times after you press 4th button. All step must be done within 8 seconds.
      • Repeat for additional remote control. 
      • Remote Receiver & Remote Control Transmitter sold seperately.Pls refer to Option
      • Remote receiver come with user manual
      • Price is per unit
      Shipping & Warranty
      • 7 Days against manufacturer defect
      • Postage Method: POSLAJU
      • Item usually will be post out same day / next working day (depends on Pos laju collection schedule) if payment verified before 12pm except there is special announcement.
      • Item ship from Malaysia
      • Parcel usually will be arrive within 1-3 days EXCEPT: P.O.Box, rural area and unexpected delay by pos laju or missed delivery, addresee unreachable, etc.
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