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Ti TPA3116 100W Sub-woofer Bridge Mono Digital Audio Amplifier 12V/24V DC Board

Ti TPA3116 100W Sub-woofer Bridge Mono Digital Audio Amplifier 12V/24V DC Board

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  • This amplifier board come with volume potentiometer
  • Optional to Addon Power On / Off control (PSW)
  • Build in auto mute function, no noise or explode sound during on/off 
  • Power LED Indicator
  • Supports 12V 18V 19V 24V / 12~24V DC power supply,
  • Single Channel Mono Bridge 100W output
  • Supports low-impedance speakers which compatible with  most speakers in the market.
  • Dual audio input option
  • Dimension:50mm*76mm*29mm(W*D*H)
  • Operating voltage:12-24V DC 
  • Power supply current requirement is greater than 3A, power supply with 19~24V and 4A current or above recommended)
  • (note: the voltage is not greater than 25v else will damage the board, measure Free load Voltage first if you use transformer type Power supply)
  • Speaker impedance (24V power supply):2-8Ω for Subwoffer output, 
  • Maximum output power:100W/4Ω(Stereo)
  • Audio input connector: standard 3.5MM or 3 Pin audio input jack
Product Characteristics
  • The board use TI company TPA3116D2 high power amplifier IC.
  • Power input connections: Screw terminal block
  • Power supply using 2 large capacitor.
  • Audio input connections: standard 3.5mm audio line input socket, or from 3 pin input audio socket (cable Optional).
  • Support low impedance speaker: Wide power input range 12-25V DC
  • Audio input sensitive: 500mV
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz~20KHz (Input), 20Hz~180Hz

Output power:
Tip: The output power are related to audio input level, the power supply voltage/current. Different speakers have different power output impedance, please take note!
Supply voltage with mono output :

  • 12V ^^- Subwoofer 8Ω Speaker / 15w,4Ω Speaker / 28w, 3Ω speaker / 38w
  • 15V ^^- Subwoofer 8Ω Speaker / 25w,4Ω Speaker / 44w, 3Ω speaker / 55w
  • 19V ^^- Subwoofer 8Ω Speaker / 40w,4Ω Speaker / 70w, 3Ω speaker / 90w
  • 22V ^^- Subwoofer 8Ω Speaker / 50w,4Ω Speaker / 90w, 3Ω speaker / 100w
  • 24V ^^- Subwoofer 8Ω Speaker / 60w,4Ω Speaker /100w, 3Ω speaker / 100w
Note: Please read the product introduction.You must have some knowledge of electronics, before use must first be familiar with the board's connection, Double check connection, do not over voltage, overload, short circuit, etc. may burn out key parts.

Wiring method suggestion:
Connect speaker first, audio input line, then Power input, confirm the correct wiring and all connection must be fixed securely (loose cable connection likely to cause a short circuit), finally turn on the board. Do not make any cable connection / changes after power on, Switch off power if you need to do so.
The speaker output "+" "-" line is independent, not sharing common (-)

Do not connect Power to Speaker Output terminal, it will damage the amplifier board.

  • 1 x Amplifier board with Black color Knob 
  • 1x 3 pin audio input cable (Free)
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  • Item usually will be arrive next working day after posted out for most of the major city area in West Malaysia, Sabah, Sarawak & Labuan
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